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At Dynacut Mfg we continually concentrate on our customers’ needs and satisfaction. That commitment has driven our path into newer and higher quality machines that can produce finished parts in a single setup. Which allows for higher quality across production runs. Eliminating non value added labor and waste, while boosting spindle utilization.

We have several machining platforms in house to choose what best meets your specific part requirements.

2- Okuma LB3000-EXII MWY
1- Miyano BNA-42 DHY
1- Nomura NN16-SB6

All of these machines offer live milling, drilling and tapping to eliminate separate operations that could lead to quality and on-time delivery issues. All machines are barfed for continuous operation. Equipped with the latest machine monitoring software, often these machines can operate lights out at night and on weekends letting us offer faster lead times without overtime costs. This array of machines covers size ranges from 10’’ diameters down to 1/16” and everything in between.